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3/12/2022 8:54 AM 

There are a number of free GPS mapping tools that are perfectly good at providing driving directions for passenger cars like Google Maps and Waze. However, when it comes to operating a big heavy duty truck, these apps are often not as useful.

Can you use Google Maps for trucks?

At present, there is no filter on Google Maps (or Waze) specifically dedicated to generating truck driving directions. While, of course, you can utilize the regular car driving directions offered by Google (or Waze), you may run into trouble. Trucks are generally not allowed on all of the same roads as passenger cars and using incorrect driving directions can result in delays, detours and even fines. Moreover, when it comes to correctly routing trucks, you often have to take into account the weight of the vehicle and the fuel costs to ensure that truck drivers take the most economical and fuel efficient route.

Truck route Why is truck GPS mapping necessary for moving?

When it comes to the moving business, making sure your fleet has optimal driving directions is essential. Driving delays can lead to stress, higher fuel charges and end up disrupting your business.

There are different rules and fees for trucks on bridges, highways and tunnels, which means that proper navigation is a must. Some roads have height and weight limits that forbid trucks and other overweight vehicles. And, depending on the class of your vehicle, you may have to pay more in tolls. Calculating all of these costs in advance will help your moving business avoid unnecessary expenses.

Furthermore, to run a successful moving business, you must be able to produce accurate ETAs for your clients and aim to complete the moving job in as little time as possible. Remember, when it comes to business, time is money! Moreover, to calculate travel time for reliable moving estimates, you typically need access to Truck GPS mapping.

For long distance moving, truck GPS mapping can be even more necessary because these applications can identify important road features like rest stops, road closures and diesel refueling stations. For local moving, truck GPS mapping can also come in handy, especially when navigating cities and other bustling urban destinations that are not intended for moving trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Are truck GPS programs and devices expensive?

Generally, GPS devices specifically catered to truck routing can be quite expensive. Truck GPS devices offer a comprehensive GPS routing complete with vehicle tracking, vehicle speed and route distance calculation. While you can find more affordable truck GPS devices (for under $150), the best truck GPS devices will cost you over $300. Otherwise, it is possible to use free apps like Waze and Google Maps and simply hope for the best. Waze is a crowd sourced app which means that traffic alerts tend to be more accurate, which can assist mapping truck routes.

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Does moving software come with truck GPS mapping?

While not all moving software provide their clients with truck GPS mapping capabilities, eMover Software comes with reliable truck GPS mapping at no additional charge. Free truck mapping is a necessary tool for any commercial or residential moving business.

What is eMover software and does it have truck GPS mapping?

eMover Software is a cloud-based moving software designed for all moving company needs. From calculating estimates to dispatching trucks to routing them to their destination via GPS, eMover Software is an all-in-one software developed specifically for moving companies.

The truck GPS mapping system included with eMover software provides accurate travel time to calculate accurate moving estimates. When it comes to making a moving estimate, the travel time should be correct. If the moving job is not just moving one unit to another next door, travel time can make a huge difference in the estimate.

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